Apparent solar time / True solar time Calculator

Apparent solar time / True solar time Calculator
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【Apparent solar time (True solar time)/Geo time diffence/Equation of time 】

  • Apparent solar time (True solar time) = Mean solar time (Local time) + Geo time diffence + Equation of time + (daylight savings time).
  • Geo time diffence : Time zones are usually defined to differ from UTC by an integer number of hours, which are +/- 12 hours. For example, the Zulu time (UTC+0) is locate at longitude 0 degree. Therefore, most of time zones are for the longitude 15 (UCT+1), 30 (UTC+2), 45 (UTC+3) etc. For other locations have the Geo time diffence between their time zone. One degree longitude has 4 minutes difference
  • Equation of time : The equation of time is the difference between apparent solar time and mean solar time. (See the equation of time for 2024).
  • Daylight Savings Time: This calculator built-in tz database can convert the daylight savings time for you.
  • This calculator can calculate any locations in the world.
  • Instructions:
     1.please click the 'Read Location' button and allow this program to access your location.
     2.Click the 'Check time zone' button. It will find the currect time zone for you.
     3.Click the 'Real-Time true solar time' button to see the result.
  • For other locations, you can use the 'Google map' to find the coordinate.